About GrizzlyFish

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GrizzlyFish is owned and operated by co-founders Tom and Nathan Parrish, a father-son team from the Pacific Northwest. 

Nathan is a professional fly fishing guide and shooting instructor in Western Montana and Tom has been fly fishing trout in the PNW since the 90’s.

We launched our first designs in 2021 with a just few t-shirts and have been steadily adding to our lineup as we've grown. We develop our clothes with two criteria in mind:

1) would we buy this ourselves?   Our product philosophy is to deliver premium quality and simplicity of design that will both stand up to the test of time and also keep you comfortable and looking good.

2) will members of our community wear it? We view our community as not just being the people who we share the neighborhood and grocery store with, but folks who seek time outdoors hunting, fishing, and backpacking and hold the same values of conservation and respect for the landscape as we do.

grizzlyfish logo, fierce respect for the backcountry


When developing our logo we wanted to create one that represents strength, an adventurous spirit and the power of nature. We wanted something that shows the virtuous spirit of GrizzlyFish.  Our tagline--Fierce Respect for the Backcountry--speaks to our appreciation for public lands and waters, and our goal to help preserve them.  We hope that you wear our designs knowing the strength of the community that we are all a part of.

If you’d like to learn more about GrizzlyFish and have input or questions for us, we’d love to hear from you so please drop us a line at support@grizzlyfishoutdoors.com

Get out there!

The GrizzlyFish Team