GrizzlyFish supports Trout Unlimited's Montana Council

As part of our commitment to native fish and wildlife conservation, we have teamed up with the Montana Council of Trout Unlimited to support coldwater conservation in Big Sky Country. Now for every Native Cutthroat tee we sell, 3% of sales will go directly to Trout Unlimited Montana.
At it's core, GrizzlyFish is a piece of our industry and community that supports efforts made by organizations like Montana Trout Unlimted and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. We believe preserving our natural and wild resources for our future and the future of the natural landscape is the most important thing we can work toward, and we are excited to move forward with TU.  As Doug Duren once said, "It's not ours, it's just our turn." So let's take our turn to stand for those of which will come after us.

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