Making a Difference - Why We Give Back !!


We have always looked to the woods and streams and mountains as places to go and find something that we needed in our lives, from new lessons and old memories to solo experiences and shared pastimes. We need to protect and preserve what's left of our natural and wild places. Without them we would lose the birthright access to nature as well as our identity as a family, community and company. 

Supporting and contributing to conservation efforts in the West has always been at the core of what we set out to make GrizzlyFish become. So making the decision to become 2% For Conservation Certified was just a natural progression of our business. We are proud to donate 1% of our sales and 1% of our time to conservation organizations that work to protect the places and wildlife that have brought us so many valuable experiences.

Being a part of this community is such a large part of our brand's identity. Without partnerships with groups like 2% For Conservation or our non-profit partnerships, our pursuits would largely be empty and comparatively futile.

Conservation groups we proudly support: