The Late Summer Slowdown

We're in the dog days of summer, and it's been a hot one above and below the waterline. As water temps continue to ride high, we've been giving the fish more of a break by fishing the early mornings well and letting the afternoons be more about being on the water with good company and well stocked coolers. Spring fed feeder creeks can still offer cooler holding water and good fishing later into the day.

Aside from spending more time in the hills scouting out this years hunting spots and less time in the rivers, we've started spending the days when we are out on the water slowing things down and swinging flies. In general on the swing, you catch less fish. But the interactions you get with fish on a tight line presentation and the different takes you feel are worth it every time, even if some days you only touch one fish. And we won't even talk about steelhead... A whole month of fishing and only one grab to show for it? Yeah, we know how that goes.

If you ask us, it's always a good time to swing flies (although rising trout is certainly reason enough to get a single hander out), and right now is certainly one of them. Slow things down a little bit, and remember to look up! You're probably floating through some incredible country on your way down the river.

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